Promoting permaculture

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Promoting permaculture – RLI

RLI stands for Regenerative Leadership Institute. RLI is founded in 2004 by a famous permaculturist, Vladislav Davidzon. He has been a professor and teacher of permaculture for years and he came up with the idea to promote permaculture on global level, regenerative therapy and he has founded this Institute. Web pages came a little bit later but the word of this new life philosophy has been spread. The RLI main task is to connect various students from around the globe in 190 countries.

4212646508_4bbba3ddabWhat is permaculture actually? Permanent agriculture is the full name and this has spread into a real culture. All in the spirit of keeping the humans aligned with the nature as much as possible. Permaculture is a way of lifestyle where home design, gardening or even you production of food can depend only on your free time and will. Its principal philosophy is made on the idea of humans, animals and plants living together in one ecosystem. One of the main reasons that permaculture is invented are global catastrophes like global warming and other ecological disasters. This is the preaching of harmony and real life in peace.

The RLI is an educational organization and this is the place where you can share you permaculture accomplishments and make discussions with other people. On its webpage specifically there are lots of useful things like fruit growing tricks and tips, how to keep pests away from your plants tutorials, redecoration permaculture plans for houses etc. There are all sorts of online classes and seminars with real professors. There are also nice promotional videos of permaculture. Registration on the site of RLI is completely free.

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The RLI is here not just to promote permaculture but more to promote good and healthy way of life. You can learn other ideas when it comes to cheaper energy and getting the water into your home. People are thinking that permaculture is only about gardening but it isn’t. It is much more than that. It is about making our environment healthy place for a living.

mizztizzy_kx7sq5fRLiG2A61IExKp-570x464There are permaculture colonies around the world and they are producing their own energy, making their own food, planting seeds and from animals they have natural fertilizers. One of the most interesting things about permaculture is that these colonies produce even their own medicines. For a colony a very important thing is to place it on a good, fertile soil. Overtime, if you own animals like pigs, the fields will be fertilized very fast, and that means that you can produce more and more food, not just for domestically using but also trading. The other major thing is colony organization. Colonies must be divided into 5-6 organized zones.

It is very important for a young permaculturist to have a place for information sharing and understanding importance of aesthetics when they are making their colony. You need to plant seeds and herbs in a way that you make as little space for a maximum benefit and this is where web pages and organizations like RLI are handy and it doesn’t matter whether you live in the high urban area or in some village, permaculture should be something that everybody should cherish and be willing to do.